Frequently Asked Questions


How to register on MyanmarBizDir.com?
You can register on MyanmarBizDir.com through a simple registration process. Go to Sign Up page and fill a simple form. Registered members of MyanmarBizDir.com can avail free member benefits like Business Listing.


How to retrieve the forgotten username and/or password?
Click on the Forgot Password link on the login page.
Provide your email registered with us.


How to change MyanmarBizDir.com account password?
Login to "My account" section
Click on "Modify Password" link under the "My account" section
Enter your current password
Enter your new password and confirm it by re-entering
Your new password will be activated immediately


How to modify profile?
Login to "My account" section
Click on "Account" link under the "My account" section
Modify your profile
Your new profile will be activated immediately


Who can have a listing in MyanmarBizDir.com?
Any member with a business can have a listing in the MyanmarBizDir.com.


How do I remove my business listing on MyanmarBizDir.com?
Simply login to the website. Once logged in you can change any details you wish to click the [Edit] link or remove your listing by clicking the [Delete] link.


Why is a logo, photo, or image required?
Each page includes a logo or a photo/image, to add visual impact and logo recognition, and so that the listing pages are consistent with one another (which helps make it readable).


What if I have some other question about the Directory?
Use the Contact Form, simply fill out the form with your message or drop an email to us. We will respond promptly.


What does “non-refundable and non-transferable” mean?
- Non-refundable: Cannot be refunded from remain balance from Credit Packages
- Non-transferable: Cannot be transferred remain credit package balance to another person